Trash ‘n’ Treasure Art Bazaar 2014


Our second Trash ‘n’ Treasure Art Bazaar at Festival of Thrift 2014 at Lingfield Point, Darlington, was a great success. The festival had approx. 40,000 visitors over Sat 27th and Sun 28th September. Our event took place in Yarn, Lingfield House, which is a fantastic Art deco style building on the outside with contemporary design on the inside.


As part of Trash ‘n’ Treasure we had artist stalls – selling part used or second hand artist materials, equipment and books, DIY demos – artists showing how to make tools and materials in thrifty way, ‘How To’ guide – instructions and tips on ‘Coke Can Calligraphy nibs’, Rubber stamp carving, Home made paint, Paper pulp, Recycled leather journal covers, Salt dough.



The third part of the event was the ‘Gallery of Forgotten Art’ and auction, with guest auctioneers Tea Ladies, Jean & Morag.  The aim behind the gallery and auction was to get old and/or forgotten artworks out from under beds, attics and corners of artist’s studio and find loving homes for them.



Comments from visitors to Trash ‘n’ Treasure Art Bazaar

Great demonstrations and ‘How To’ guides – that will be keeping us busy!

Fab! Didn’t see the demo for the Coke can nibs – but having seen the ‘How to’ guide – you’ve made a budget strapped art teacher very happy! Thanks

Fantastic to be able to get loads of great arts and crafts stuff for my niece – re-using and re-cycling. Thank you!!

It’s very enlightening and inspiring event! I Really love it and had a great day here

The demo was amazing! going to give it a try at home

A real Treasure Trove, great atmosphere – more of this please!

Thanks to everyone who came along, lent a hand,  and took part as well as the artists who shared their knowledge with us for the demos and ‘How To’ guide.