Studio Application Process

Application process

Each space can be used for a variety of uses to support the arts, and as part of our application process we aim to ensure that there is a good match between the nature of the space alongside the needs of the artist and their activity. These temporary spaces are offered to support the development of the arts and artistic practice and are not available through us for activity of a more commercial nature.

Ongoing studio spaces are allocated via an application process where we will ask key questions about an artist’s practice, materials and equipment to find the best possible match for workspace. Please note individual viewings of spaces can only be offered once a suitable application has been submitted. If we do not have a suitable space we may suggest alternative providers in the area.

If we have identified that we have a suitable space based on your application we will invite you come and meet us and have a viewing of the space. Following this we will agree if we can offer you a studio space with us. We require a bond of £100 for each studio space (which is refunded if you give up the space and have no arrears etc…) and a monthly standing order to pay for studio fees. One month’s notice is required on all studio spaces.

We are dedicated to offering opportunities to artists, irrespective of age, race, gender, disability or social background.

We are not currently accepting applications for studio spaces.

Please check back for further updates.