Crisis Chats

Two printed booklets named 'Crisis Chats' laid on a wooden background.
Crisis Chats Publication

Crisis Chats is a collaboration with The Auxiliary concocted for the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 – offering an insight into the creative community we’re part of in Middlesbrough.
The four studio groups of Navigator North, The Auxiliary, Platform Arts and Gilkes Street were all invited to share insights into their practice, what inspires them and their thoughts about current times. The resulting publication is made up of the artists collective voice, intros to each artist and their work and recipes for looking after yourself and others.

You can view the Crisis Chats publication here
Artists include – 

Loucey Bain
Emma Bennett
Bordello Theatre
Mia Braine
Hannah Campion
Aimee Charlotte
Sarah Cooney
Dovetail Joints
Hellen Edwards
Robyn Fyfe
Phil Gatenby
Nicola Golightly
Jane Gray
Claire Harrison
Gail Henderson
Vicky Holbrough
Will Hughes
Stephen Irving
Sara Jacobs
Cameron Lings
Lisa Lovebucket
Andy Newcombe
John James Perangie
Adam Shaw
Liam Slevin
Simon Smith
Dot Sneddon
Chris Suttie
Jenni Thirlwell
WET Productions
John Wheeler