We Are Ten – Deb Covell Reflection

I’m reminded of a conversation in my studio many moons ago – which went something like this ;

Deb: “I’m wanting to make an all white enclosed paint chamber so the participants can have a transformative experience through paint “

Vicky : “ But wouldn’t that be best shown if you have at least two or three different coloured chambers for the participants to experience?”

Nicola : “ Yeah absolutely! “

Deb ; “ I’ll have a think about that.., “

Two years later ;

Deb ( exhausted but happy ) ; “Vicky its turned into a paint bungalow”

Vicky( big smile on her face) ; “ Well it’s much bigger than I thought it would be ! “

Conversation with some of the brilliant Navigator North team who help turn ‘Pipe Dreams ‘ into reality!

Reflections from artist Deb Covell.