We are Ten – Joanne Coates Reflection

“Working and living as an artist in a rural location without a key art community was really isolating. In 2018 I started Navigator North’s C O L L I D E R S C O P E programme, that has led to connections and a small community with artists in the area. I highly valued the mentorship, I often struggled with how to price and to talk about money in the arts. After working with a Nicola Golightly as my mentor I was able to understand this, and be given the confidence to do this. What this meant is that my practice became more sustainable, and I am still able to practice today. As an artist with a disability who is working class it is often hard to find a place or space in the industry. The mentorship gave me confidence to become the artist I always was but not able to believe in.”

Reflections from photographer Joanne Coates.