Together We Are Unified

These Collages were made during a workshop in Navigator North’s Unit 7 space in Hillstreet Shopping Centre. Ran as part of Alan Hathaway’s Make It More Middlesbrough Project “Together We Are Unified” – Exploring Middlesbrough’s Music Heritage”. The collages were made in the spirit of the DIY publishing and improvised cut up collage techniques that we associate with early music zines.

Printed as a set of free postcards using a home laser jet printer they were distributed during Tees Zine Fest on 25th May 2024.

The collages were created by members of The Health and Arts Group: Sakuru-Moo Nika, Nelly, Margaret, Ronnie, Ray, Julie the Collage Queen and Tatty Annie – and also by volunteer Aisha Lama.

‘Together We Are Unified’ is inspired by Middlesbrough’s music venues – particularly the punk scene which centred around venues like The Rock Garden.

Working with volunteers at Teesside Archives and developing skills in the digital manipulation of images, a two part moving image installation presented viewers with a glimpse into the music scene within the context of Middlesbrough as a post industrial townscape.

‘Together We Are Unified’ (install view), Alan Hathaway